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What's With the Wind?

Wind is the dominant factor when it comes to predicting the weather. In What's With the Wind we'll explore scientific concepts related to both wind and weather phenomena. Discover how to make a cloud appear out of thin air, and perform some experiments to show the bizarre effects of moving air.

Online Demonstrations:

  • Cloud in a Bottle, Vacuum Pump, Can Crush, and more!

At Home Activities:

  • Bernoulli Bags

  • Bernoulli Balloons and Cans

At Home Materials:

  • Trash Bag (Tall Kitchen sized)

  • 2 Paper Cups

  • 1 5" balloon

  • Straw with bendy end

  • Scissors

  • 2 empty soda cans

  • String

  • Pencil

WW - Bottles.png
WW - Cloud bottle.png
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