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New Online Courses!

Due to the outbreak of the Covid-19 Coronavirus,  CAPE Science is now offering online versions of our popular programs.  Conducted live with one of our experienced educators, our online programs combine amazing video demonstrations with at home experiments that students can perform for themselves using household materials.

CAPE Science Inc.
CAPE Science Inc. is a science education organization specializing in Physics, Astronomy, Chemistry, and Engineering.  We are passionate about inspiring the next generation to explore the sciences in a hands-on and interactive way.  CAPE aims to foster a better understanding of our world and its connection to the universe in an environment where seeking minds are encouraged to perpetually explore. 


CAPE's traveling programs bring the excitement of science to life with large demonstrative experiments and hands-on activities.  We have programs spanning physics, astronomy, chemistry and engineering, and all programs align with Common Core and NGSS standards.  



Our programs are designed with you in mind. In addition to being entertaining and educational for almost any age of student, we make sure to specifically address certain core NGSS topics. Click below for our class recommendations by grade level, and to learn more about which specific standards each program covers.

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